Youth Services

AYE Programs

AYE programs provide a comprehensive range of employment services for at-risk youth, including:

      *   classroom training                  *   paid internships                 *   mentoring

      *   workforce preparation            *   support services                 *   job placement

      *   occupational training              *   career planning                  *   work-based learning


AYE Youth Services - WIAAYE has served more than 950 youth under Workforce Investment Act (WIA), for PY 2011-12.  Approximately 37% of the funds went towards direct participant costs for paid internships and support services, which offer economic relief to some of the poorest areas of Los Angeles.  Support services include clothing, childcare, transportation and vocational training costs (i.e., tuition, books, supplies, union dues).

Application for Services

For WIA & CSBG programs, we encourage applicants to complete the application on-line and submit with required eligibility documents. 

AYE-WIA/CSBG Application (Not for Summer Employment)


Information Regarding Summer Jobs:

County of Los Angeles Residents

For Summer 2013, AYE has not yet received any information regarding funding for a Summer Program for County, non-City residents, and are not handing out any applications. AYE will post more information as it becomes available. Please check back periodically.  

City of Los Angeles Residents

For Summer 2013, the City of Los Angeles will be operating a Summer Program for LA City residents only, and will require all applicants to register directly on a City Summer Program website (link below). AYE will not be handing out Summer applications at this time.


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